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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Personalized Weather

The web has a lot of weather sites. My wife and I use them often to decide what my son should wear to school -- not the specifics, but the broad guidelines: long sleeves or short? trousers or shorts? what type of jacket? There are significant variation within many weeks -- particularly in Spring and Fall -- so that the rule "wear what you wore yesterday" won't work.

Today, I was wondering why I have to read the weather and run the tiny algorithm through my head. The site should let me set up combinations of
  • Criteria;and,
  • Suggested action

if [9am-10am](Temp<60)
or [5pm-6pm](Temp<60)
or [11:30-12:30](Temp<60)
Wear jacket
if (Wear Jacket) and Average-Temp(9am-6pm)Wear Heavy jacket

Ah! I can now see an application for those little inference engines that seemed to be toys then.

But seriously, something like this (packaged appropriately) would be a nice value addition for a "MyWeather" portal application. Maybe an addition to the Google portal?



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