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Friday, April 21, 2006

Wolf! Wolf!

David linked to a story about environmentalists. They shriek about a problem, but aren't happy to see solutions. The bottom line is that they have a simple "arbitrary scardy-cat" line.

E: “Wolf! wolf! wolf”.
S: “See there’s no wolf.”
E: “I hear footsteps.”
S: “Let’s go check it out…. see no wolf anywhere”
E: “But that bush moved”
S: “See. no wolf behind this bush”
E: “But I smell a smell”
S: “See, it’s just sheep dung”
E: “But there *could* be a wolf there”
S: “But there’s nothing to show there is one”
E: “I’m scared of wolves”
… a little later …
S: “Okay, I’ve spent all this time and money and come up with this anti-wolf device. Keep it. Happy now?”
E: “Thank you. It’s so hard dealing with you people. I wish you’d have done this before my throat went sore.”
S: “Bye”
… a little later …
E: “Lion! Lion! Lion!”

If you convince them that the world is not going to freeze, they say: "We're all going to burn!"


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