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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Let's grant you your false premises

Every now and then we get some anti-Objectivists at Objectivism Online. If they're polite, they might stay awhile and even learn a thing or two from us. Now and then, they just wander by, post abusive messages and have no interest in rational conversation. One such communist posted some garbage. After he was banned, I noticed him in the new Chat room.

I prefer to dissuade such people into not trying to come back, because I know there are no technical means to stop a determined person from returning incognito. I didn't want to get into a Capitalism-vs-Communism debate, so I went forth with a different approach -- grant him all his basic premises. Here's how it went:

Me: Hello!
Commie: Hi!
Me: Just want to say that the members have asked that you leave.
Commie: Why?
Me: Well, I'm not privy to all the reasons. Not that it matters; it's the will of the people, and all that, you know.
Commie: I came here to discuss Capitalism. What happened to freedom of speech.
Me: Doesn't freedom of speech sucks? How can one person claim he's right, if the many are saying otherwise?
Commie: But, there must be a reason.
Me: Sure, but if you mean a good, rational reason, then I can't guarantee that. You know how people decide things -- not always logical, right?
Commie: But, that's mob rule.
Me: Any better solutions? After all, that's democracy, right?
Commie: Are you trying to tell me that all the members voted.
Me: Oh no, that wasn't what I meant. That would be inefficient. The group that controls things has to decide what's best for the members.
Commie: Damn Capitalists!! Good bye.


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