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Friday, May 16, 2008


With Fidel out of the way, Cuba has probably reached a turning point. Here are some reforms that have been set in motion:

  • Small farmers can buy some seeds, fertilizers etc. from government stores, instead of simply getting their assigned quotas.
  • People are now allowed to buy microwaves, cell-phones and DVD players (not completely free, but according to a quota and schedule). People can buy computers.
  • People can stay in hotels that had been reserved for foreigners
  • Some wage-limits have been lifted

Also, there are rumors that the government might ease travel restrictions, allowing some citizens to go abroad.

The reforms might seem "too little" to American eyes, but we've seen a similar process play out in other communist countries. They try some tiny reforms; happily, no body parts fall off, so they feel confident enough to try some more. At some point the rulers figure they can be richer as socialist rulers controlling a slightly more free economy.

Yes, this could well be a bottom, and a turning point for Cuba.



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