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Monday, November 02, 2009

The 2010 Green Stimulus?

After a sharp upward turn off its bottom, the stock market has paused. Talk of a second-stimulus is circulating. Today, the president met a few businessmen and one of the main ideas being pushed was the "retrofitting" of American homes, to make them more energy efficient.

That seems like something most politicians could get behind:
  • it spends money on jobs that voters will attribute to government ("the seen");
  • it bows to environmentalism, while not hassling big business directly as Cap-Trade might;
  • many (voting) home-owners getting the subsidy will think it is cool to get something for nothing, and then have lower energy bills on top of that; and,
  • most important -- the negatives are dispersed, and the inflationary component will probably not hit before the mid-term elections ("the unseen").
  • even the xenophobic Republicans could buy into a plan that "reduces our dependence of foreign oil"
If Obama gets some type of healthcare bill done, this is where he might turn his attention. So, I expect a "Green Stimulus" which is sold as something that will set America up for the 21's century and create lots of jobs.

Therefore, I expect to be on a roller-coaster for a few years.



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