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Friday, January 12, 2007

Water-drinkers Anonymous

AA might want to consider expanding it services to those who're trying to break a guilty habit of drinking bottled water!

A snippet on NPR caught my interest. The journalist was talking about parishoners who admit to drinking bottled water, but won't go on record as doing so. Turns out that the United Church in Canada (the largest Protestant denomination, with over 500,000 members) is on a crusade against bottled water.

A spokesman of the church says that "water is a sacred gift that connects all life.'' One priest pointed out that water features prominently in scripture -- Noah's flood, water parting in Exodus, water for baptisms. Water, he figures, is something that God gave us to share. A spokesman of the church says: "The main thrust is our concern about the privatization of water,''.

It's straight out of Toohey's manual: Look for something that people do, and make them feel guilty about it.


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