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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spanish-language Activism

Many U.S. businesses are spending more money on Spanish advertising. That got me wondering if think-tanks (like Heritage and AEI) and have Spanish-speaking spokesmen. It seems that think-tanks with such spokesmen would have a better chance of being booked on Spanish TV networks and radio-stations.

The idea is not to communicate in Spanish in order to appear more empathetic. Rather, those channels might be quicker to book a Spanish-speaker. Spanish language TV networks reach about 15% of U.S. households. Cable-delivered digital channels are available to over 80%. There are also some Spanish radio stations. This is coverage, not the actual number who watch; but, in some states, I assume the numbers could be considerable.

It would be great to see ARI present Objectivism's unique views to this audience, not just on immigration, but on a variety of other topics. I wonder if OAC has any up-and-coming intellectuals who are fluent in Spanish.


  • Interestingly, in organizing the anniversary celebrations of AS, I got to meet several very interesting and prominent people who are fans of Ayn Rand. Among them, I met a married couple--journalists--who write about Ayn Rand's ideas in the local Marathi language newspaper! I thought that was brilliant outreach (particularly, given what ideas pervade among the mind-set of Marathi speakers)! :)

    By Anonymous Ergo, at 4:37 AM  

  • I'm intrigued, wondering what you meant by this: "(particularly, given what ideas pervade among the mind-set of Marathi speakers)!"

    I can't tell if this a positive or a negative. My personal experiences with folk from Maharashtra have been generally positive.

    By Blogger softwareNerd, at 6:16 PM  

  • When I referred to marathi-speakers, I was specifically referring to those who think and speak only in Marathi, and whose skills in thinking or speaking in English is minimal to abysmal; these are mostly the less educated, or educated in vernacular media, the ones who have never choose to explore western ideas, read books, etc.

    Specific demographic examples: the Marathi-speaking brigade of the Shiv Sena, the tobacco-chewing and spitting bureaucrats in the government, the public transportation workers, the majority in the Mumbai police force, the vendors on streets and in train stations, the majority of people living in Maharashtra, the local grocers, etc.

    I'm assuming that some of these people read the marathi newspapers that the journalists I met write in.

    In my perception, these groups are particularly characterized by collectivism, mob mentality, the utter willingness to the use of force, lack of any values in character, no integrity or a moral compass, disrespect for private property, rude and uncouth behavior, etc.

    Yes, I have also met some exceptional people from a maharashtran background (one of my very best friends is a Maharashtran boy). But almost all of these exceptions are people who can think in English competently; which means, they are educated folks who have most likely been exposed to Western ideas through English books or other English media. Which means, they are competently able to engage and analyse these new ideas with those of their own.

    By Anonymous Ergo, at 10:40 PM  

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