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Friday, May 19, 2006

There's a guy under my car!

At my oil-change place, there's usually one guy in the pit beneath the car and another at the open hood. The downstairs guy removes old oil; the upstairs guy fills new oil. The guy in the pit drains oil from all the cars. On a busy day, a quick-lube place might have one guy in the pit and three guys filling fresh oil, and doing the rest of the servicing on three separate cars.

Strikes me that the job of the downstairs guy could easily be automated. The crux of his job is finding the right location for the nut that he unscrews. If a machine could do this -- with some positioning-help from the guy upstairs -- the rest of the automation would be simple enough.



  • Not a bad thought SN. Might have some merit. How about a sensor placed on all oil pans to tell the robot where the drain plug is? Or a computerized robot where all you do is punch in make and model and the computer automatically knows where the plug is? Anyway, keep that noodle working.
    Mike's Eyes

    By Blogger Mike N, at 9:17 AM  

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