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Monday, February 05, 2007

Carbon Offset: An idea for a scam

Here's an idea for a scam.

Many people want to do more "for the environment" and want to do "the right thing", but don't want to give up their SUVs or turn down the heat in winter. So, tell them that they can be good by giving you a certain amount of money for each "enviro-sin", and you will use that money to couteract their sin: e.g. by planting trees, etc.

The Catholic church and other religions have been following this "sin and buy off punishment" model for centuries, so a good scamster knows it's tried and tested.

You (the scammer) can point out that companies are being made to trade carbon emissions, so why shouldn't individuals do the same. You could come up with a name like "carbon offsets", and let people come to your web-site, calculate how much they need to offset to make themselves carbon-neutral, and how much they must pay you for neutralizing their sinfulness.
Damn! Someone beat me to this scam.


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